Background thoughts

About 120 years ago, the breakup of tonality was considered the greatest adventure in music history.
For me and many other musicians today their rediscovery is considered to be one of the greatest adventures.
This is not a historical flashback, since tonality has been developing as well. Being people of today,
in the act of creation we must face the "you", the musical-human counterpart - and if it is religious music,
this "you" is called God! Late-romantic, never-ending and egocentric pathos has turned tonal music into a cancer.
We have to regain it’s youthfulness, then it will inspire the creative genius to new boldness - yes, boldness!!

The moaning for the legacy of the tradition is silly, for our great musicians in the Kingdom of Heaven are giving-away-fathers,
who always encourage us to be independent and to create something new. We can breathe freshness again in which everything lies ahead
and not behind us. A new freedom arises, clearly delimited from arbitrariness.

We have to experience tonality in its fullness, not in the corruption of lifeless chords and sounds that are complex for no reason.
The possibilities to find, exhaustively express and realize ourselves in this tonality are immeasurable.

Just like we have a never-ending wealth of relationships with our beloved people in our mind, it should be the same with music.
Only a musical wealth of relationships strives for the unity of all its elements. It is the path that nourishes the inspiration
(which is so despised by some) - the divine part of music. This remains our greatest gift and eternal mystery. (Peter Barcaba, 1947 - 2017)